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Evolution is random, messy, and a black box, meaning there's no way to create super soldiers besides trial and error in the real world. No computer models, just modifying genes in embryos, seeing what happens, keeping the beneficial ones, combining and tweaking, and repeating thousands of times. But what happens to the 1st-generations who have super strength but regular bones, or hard wearing bones but normal skin? They break apart that what! And what happens when the super solider program is secretly run by Neo Nazi's trying to bring about a race war? Those flawed haggard super soldiers might be the only thing that can save us from the program that created them.


Flawed is about three 1st-generation super soldiers who get discharged from the military after a battle royal meant to test their abilities left them as the soul survivors. Each 1st-generation soldier has one of three abilities: super strength, indestructible bones, or impenetrable skin. Twenty years after their discharge, they discover the true intent of the program and must fight the 3rd-generation, who have all three abilities, to save the country from a military coup lead by a super charged Neo Nazi faction.

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