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Belica's Tradition

After Belica discovers that her mom passed away, she returns to her village to keep a promise. She knows none of the traditions, is hated by everyone in the community including her family, and isn't prepared in the slightest for the journey she promised to take. 

By blood Belica's a Wallat, a forest dwelling community that values tradition above all else, but by nature she's a maverick who follows her own path. When she joined Unit Unity, a galactic peace keeping corporation, and fell in love with a fellow soldier, the entire community, including her sister and father, excommunicated her, all except her mom. Before leaving, Belica promised to be her mom's "carrier." It's the most sacred tradition for the Wallat. The eldest child must lead the friends of the deceased on a journey to the top of a holy mountain and spread their parent's ashes. It's dangerous and takes years of training to prepare for. But, if Belica can manage to pull it off, she might be able to gain back the love and acceptance she secretly craves.

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